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Extended Learning

Welcome toLa Verne Extended Learning

The Extended Learning Program supports the University of La Verne’s commitment to lifelong learning by offering dynamic, innovative, and stimulating continuing education opportunities to individuals intent on expanding their own horizons.

Extended Learning provides a wide array of courses designed to fit everyone’s needs, including non-degree and non-credit offerings. We’re here to assist anyone interested in broadening their horizons, whether they’re professionals looking to expand skillsets and career opportunities, traditional students looking for new challenges, or budding academics searching for personal growth and enrichment.

Enrollment is open to all who are interested. Extended Learning strives to make its students feel like a welcome part of the La Verne community; we believe everyone has the experience and understanding to make valuable contributions to the program.

We encourage you to review our offerings and discover the many opportunities provided throughout the year. For any additional questions or information, please contact Jaimie Rush, Senior Director of La Verne Extended Learning, at (909) 225-7309.

Interested in teaching?

The University of La Verne is always looking for new class ideas and instructors. Please reach out to Jaimie Rush if you’d like to share your expertise and passion with some of our students.